About Us

Our Mission .

The Mission of GoddessTalk is to create engaging, insightful, and enriching content about topics that are important to the Melanated Diaspora. Through partnership with different content creators, innovators, and difference makers GoddessTalk hopes to educate, empower, and strengthen its audience. Thereby providing resources and problem-solving solutions that can assist in strengthening the Melanated Diaspora.

Vision .

GoddessTalk envisions rebuilding and sustaining the economic infrastructure of the diaspora by supporting Melanated-owned businesses. GoddessTalk's guests and partners provide enlightening information and resources on a variety of topics Encourage collaborative & problem-solving solutions and promote community involvement.

Values .

  • Focusing on Nation Building.
  • Valuing service to Melanated Communities.
  • Commitment to Excellence.
  • Dedication to growth and increased knowledge on a variety of topics.
  • Embracing dialogue to encourage positive and innovate change within melanated communities.
  • Encouraging diversity of thought, opinion, and perspective.
  • Respecting audience and guests.

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