GoddessTalk App :

Join GoddessTalk App, the premiere marketplace where you can Shop, Talk, & Experience ALL Things Black Excellence locally and globally! Customers can purchase products and services, order food, make reservations, book appointments, and so much more directly through GoddessTalk. Find businesses by name, location, country, numerous categories, hashtags, and other filters. Get ready to experience Our Sacred Space, the social networking area within the GoddessTalk App where users commune, engage, are seen and heard by others in real-time. GoddessTalk’s simple interface makes it easy for a Black-Owned Business and Entity to upload products and services, promote sale incentives, list job openings, crowdfund, & much more. All sales are driven right to your site and account with no COMMISSIONS. Plus, businesses can be aligned with distribution, manufacturing, and order fulfillment entities if they need. By creating economic synergy, increasing visibility, and sales there is tremendous potential to help Melanated Communities of the Diaspora. JOIN NOW!